3 TOURS IN ONE! Mayan sensorial experience in 3 amazing guided tours in different and unique location.

  • SACRED MAYAN ENCOUNTER Experience for yourself, the spiritual beliefs of the ancient Mayans, while learning of their outstanding vision of life, time and space.
  • KAOKAO CHOCOLATES An interactive overview to the significance of the cacao for the Mayans, discovering the process for the making of the sacred beverage: "chocolhaa" (hot cocoa).
  • MUSEUM OF THE MEXICAN MUSIC A fascinating journey through the music and history of indigenous cultures all over the world, featuring a collection of more than 784 ethnic instruments.
  • English-speaking guides at the three locations
  • Full transportation for the whole route
  • Cooler with purified ice and bottled water
  • Mexican Lunch
  • Sightseeing tour of the island
  • Beautiful map of the island
  • Arrive 30 minutes before the departure time
  • Tour times based on Cozumel Time = US Central Time
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Camera for photo opportunities
  • Cash for souvenirs
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Minimum 4 combined passengers to operated
  • Gratuity optional
  • Souvenirs
  • Drinks while away from the vehicle
Price: $94.99 per passenger

Your lunch and transportation will be provided by:

Casa Mission

Casa Mission

Entering from the artistic iron gate of the main entrance is like stepping back in time. The beautiful colonial style makes of Casa Mission a perfect remembrances of the glory days of the Yucatan peninsula, when the "Henequen" industry was the economic base of this society.

Safe Tours Cozumel

SafeTours Cozumel

To ensure your comfort, safety and satisfaction during the tour, transportation will be coordinated by our staff at Safe Tours Cozumel along with the Cozumel Transportation Union, selecting only professional and bilingual drivers.

Reservations will be managed by partners:

Safetours Calling Center (Cozumel, Mexico) and Mardi, LLC (Phoenix, Arizona).
A small percent of your reservation fees, will be donated, in your name, to the Cozumel Red Cross or to the Orphanage Ciudad de Angeles.