Cozumel Mayan Route ´n´ Roots is brought to you by a small group of local independent tour operators, always eager to offer innovative, out-of-the ordinary attractions. Our primary desire is to share with you, dear visitor all our culture, our history, our traditions, our flavors, our sounds, our colors, our magic, our (…) and all this in exciting, educational, interactive experiences.

We realized that more and more, travelers are looking for these kind of new experiences. Explorers interested in discovering beyond the tourist districts, eat where locals eat, purchase authentic handcrafts in fair commerce with indigenous people, etc. We are travelers as well so our services are based on a very simple concept: Offer to our visitors, exactly what we would like to find while vacationing.

So aware of the growing interest in alternative, authentic experiences, we decided to strengthen our group in 2012 by creating a business partnership called the "Cozumel Off the Beaten Oath" where tourists simply become travelers.

Sacred Mayan Encounter by Mayan Steam Lodge

Sacred Mayan Encounter

Sacred Mayan Encounter The Mayan Steam Lodge, Temazcal Cozumel is a traditional sweat bath according to the Mayan vision that began operation in 2005, providing an innovative shore excursion to the passengers from Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Princess cruise lines. It was a great success.

The Temazcal facilities are located in a beautiful, natural setting…. one actually used by the ancient Mayans. We are away from the hectic bustle of the streets, amid the peace and tranquility of the jungle. From the moment you arrive, a feeling of relaxation will overtake you, and all your worries and concerns will blow away, as if by magic.

This is the perfect location to experience the Sacred Mayan Close Encounter.

KaoKao Chocolates

Sacred Mayan Encounter

KaoKao Chocolates We are members of a group of small local Cozumel producers; individuals and small businesses that are dedicated to providing unique and delicious Cozumel-crafted products. As members of this small organization we instill our passion into our main ingredient, Cacao. By combing its flavor with other natural and local ingredients we are constantly innovating ourselves; crafting new and exotic combinations to surprise the palate.

Museum of the Mexican Music

Museum of the Mexican Musicr

Museum of the Mexican Music A Museum of musical history, culture and indigenous people. Our collection hosts more than 784 Instruments from 37 countries. Master Alejandro Alcocer, your host is a passionate anthropologist, musicologist, music therapist, musical instruments archivist, poet and music concert artist will guide you thru this magical journey of ethnic music and dance, indigenous cultures, legends, myths of Mexico and other parts of the world

Casa Mission, where your mexican lunch awaits

Safe Tours Cozumel

Casa Mission Entering from the artistic iron gate of the main entrance is like stepping back in time. The beautiful colonial style makes of Casa Mission a perfect remembrances of the glory days of the Yucatan peninsula, when the "Henequen" industry was the economic base of this society.

It's a beautiful and unique corner surrounded by gardens and fountains, framed with exotic birds and centenary trees.

SafeTours Cozumel, your transportation coordinator

Sacred Mayan Encounter

Safe Tours Cozumel At Safe Tours Cozumel we believe in personal service as the only way to make your vacations an unforgettable experience. With more than 27 years of experience in the tourism industry and together with our business partners MARDI, LLC in Phoenix Arizona, we work focused with the only idea to offer safe and unique activities for the pleasure of our visitors.